New Brunswick First. Politics Second. Let's do things differently.
Lead through Experience
Good government doesn’t waste good ideas
A commitment to leverage ideas and talent, regardless of political color
“Throwing out the good work of any government or repeating work that has already been done shows a complete lack of management experience and lack of common sense.”
A good idea is a good idea. Partisanship is no reason to abandon what is working for our province. It should not be about ego and it should not be about politics – it should be about making New Brunswick better. The Strategic Review Program initiated by this current government was a complete duplication of work already completed 3 years prior.
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The Art of Deception (Opens in new tab)
Economic growth requires deal-making experience – a sense of urgency
A mindset focused on long term outcomes, a real return on investment in dollars or services versus votes
“I’m ready to go, training wheels are not required. I do not need the typical 2-year orientation period of a new government.”
The economy of northern New Brunswick has been hit particularly hard since 2008. Successive governments have invested heavily in the region with little sustainable long term results. We can do better than investing for the “headlines of the day”. Attracting and supporting strategic investments to grow the economy throughout the province must have a sense of urgency and consistency from government that takes precedent over political priorities.
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Language diversity in our schools and buses is a good thing
A true cultural experience that sets us apart
“It’s progressive education for our kids, and I’m all for it. It takes experience to deal fairly with sensitive issues.”
Our province’s bilingual strength is a real asset for our province but it has not been achieved and implemented in a fair and equitable manner. Our children get it, when they play and talk together in both languages effortlessly. This must be encouraged and developed, not enforced. Regional differences exist in our province and those differences must be respected. The only way we will navigate these issues together is with frank discussion guided by integrity, common sense and fairness.
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Insist on Accountability
Measured performance leads to better results
A report card on actual performance for all to see
“Honesty, transparency and accountability are hallmarks of success to achieve results. I will deliver what is needed for this province.”
Accountability is more than a word. Consistently tracking and reporting on key performance indicators with specific targets will give us an accurate assessment of our situation, year after year. Changing the metrics so we can’t understand our progress is just another way to disguise nonperformance. New Brunswickers must have a clear understanding our province’s financial picture and the delivery of services. This will ensure we will hold the government accountable and we will get better together.
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Alignment and Transparency will ensure success
A continuous self-diagnosis of outcomes versus expectations
“With an ongoing philosophy of improvement, we will adjust as necessary to ensure we achieve success.”
Long term targets and strategy to achieve must be joint developed across political lines to ensure long term success. This is especially critical in the key areas of Education, Health, Senior’s Living, Economic Development and Fiscal accountability.
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Experts with accountable mandates will achieve more
A commitment to give experts the tools and time they need to succeed
“No premier has all the solutions. I will utilize experts inside and outside of government and we will be accountable for the results.”
Solving the complex challenges of our province requires engaging the appropriate subject matter experts. As politicians we should not be expected to have all of the answers. A true leader builds the right organization to meet the necessary targets and timelines.
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Unite with Engagement and Innovation
Regional and cultural diversity can expand our economy
A push for increased export and business activity from all regions of the province
“Our North is hours away from millions in Quebec. This must be an advantage to pursue.”
Exporting New Brunswick’s products and services introduces new money into the system, and as such is the fastest way to spur growth. Investments by government must be strategically researched and developed for long term and sustainable benefit to the region and the province. We must leverage our unique advantages. With two strong languages and gateways to Quebec, the USA (from the West), and the World (from our Ports), we are extremely well positioned. It is no longer good enough to simply state I have money in the budget allocated to a region for economic development. It must be with purpose to achieve a long term, sustainable and measureable benefit. At year end there must be more than simply stating, “I have spend my budget”.
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Skills-matching will fuel growth and sustainability
A tactical matching of skills training with job needs in all regions
“Private university and college enrollments has stayed the same or increased, while public universities have seen a decline. I do not believe the new free tuition program of this government will solve the real problem.”
Forecasting, training and matching skills to jobs are critical component to getting a job upon graduation. We are short on trade skills of all kinds but given our aging demographics our health care demands will continue to grow dramatically. Meeting these demands is not about simply increasing enrollment. If you are expecting to get a job it is about enrolling in a course that will ensure that you qualify for that job when you graduate.
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The solutions are right here in New Brunswick
A call to action for anyone with ideas (in or out of government) to move us forward
“I need your help. Let’s mobilize our best assets and get the job done. It is time for action. We were well on that road and the culture of performance was growing. I want to get back on that plan.”
Perhaps the biggest opportunity we have before us is to ensure that we tap into our own expertise, whether that is in the civil service, the business community, or on the factory floor. We must allow anyone with ideas to become engaged citizens and the leaders we need.
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